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Time to stay. ForCity Tourers, Family Bonds, Fresh Air Enthusiasts, Film Fans, Pleasure Seekers, Time Travelers, Event Lovers, Inquisitives, Adventurers, Sly Lynxes, Gourmets, Event lovers

Time to stay 16 17 …

Time to stay 16 17 … FOR FRESH AIR ENTHUSIASTS A BIRD WALK AROUND THE HARBURG: On the 2.3 km long circular trail you can discover native bird species. If you can't spot them live on site, QR codes can help you to hear the lovely songs of the birds. A varied nature experience not only for bird lovers! ROUTE: • approx. 2.3 km / approx. 100 metres altitude difference START/DESTINATION: • Schanzenhaus The circular trail starts at the Schanzenhaus and continues through the Zwölfmorgental. The name sounds a bit like a fairy tale and promises encounters with all kinds of natural beauties such as the meadow foxtail or the tufted vetch. The trail goes slightly uphill following the signs to the Harburg. The former medieval castle towers 435 m above Wernigerode and offers all hikers a magnificent view. Along the round tour hikers are accompanied by a total of 12 information boards about the local birdlife. These were created in cooperation with the music artist and biologist Dominik Eulenberg. What could be more natural than to combine both skills? And so the panels not only provide interesting details about the firecrest, nuthatch & Co., but also provide a feast for the ears: QR codes can be used to simulate the bird calls. With a bit of luck and a careful ear you can also listen to the originals … From the Harburg the path leads downhill again along the southern slope. This is less dense and humid, but rockier and sunnier, and its vegetation again is an ideal habitat for completely different bird species. OPTIONS: • Detour: to the Kaiserturm, Armeleuteberg stamp nr. 35 (directly at the inn) ©Harbrug We in the Harz are in stamp fever! During a round through the nature we don't count the kilometres, but the number of stamps that can be obtained along the way. Distributed throughout the Harz Mountains, 222 stamp posts of the Harzer Wandernadel (Harz hiking needle) are waiting for us to search for them and regularly fuel our addiction to the outdoors. This unique project connects the Harz Mountains across federal state borders and makes hiking an experience. There are 23 stamp posts only in the surroundings of Wernigerode. What do you need? A stamp pass, comfortable shoes and a good nose. Probably one holiday won't be enough to collect all the stamps, because that would be really exhausting. And there would be no time for all the other highlights that are waiting to be discovered. From the Harburg you enjoy a magnificent view Addicted to the outdoors WITH US AT THE TOURIST-INFO • Harzer Wandernadel maps & stamp booklets Our online shop: On Outdooractive there are many hiking routes to be found! oar-wernigerode/de/ ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur FISH-FRIENDLY ON THE GO: BY BIKE ALONG THE RIVER A bicycle tour along the Holtemme is relaxing. No particular slope neither in one direction nor in the other impede forward movement. Swimming against the current is a challenge for the fish, which they have to face every year to reach the best spawning grounds. Precisely this topic is pursued on the 8 km cycle tour from Wernigerode to Derenburg. The little river Holtemme is home to the Harz brown trout. To spawn, they regularly visit the particularly clear upper course of the Holtemme. Natural ascent opportunities such as "Sohlgleite", "Schlitzpass" or "Rauhgerinne" meanwhile ensure that the fish can move forward effortlessly. The cycle path begins at the old town roundabout in the centre of Wernigerode, then leads in the direction of the A36 along the Holtemme. Between Wernigerode and Silstedt "Rote Mühle" restaurant is a good place to stop for a refreshing rest. As far as Derenburg you can stop at a total of 8 information stations to learn about life on and in the water. Accompanying this there is a booklet for children ("World of Experience Brook Trout") – available at the Tourist Information Office. The tour can be done on your own by bike or as a hike. Alternatively, guided hikes can be booked at the Tourist Information Office. * TIP Fish ladder at Seigerhüttenweg ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur Another way to familiarise yourself with the biodiversity in the waters of Wernigerode is offered on the circular hiking trail "Fischaufstiege in Wernigerode" (Fish ladders in Wernigerode). The approx. twelve kilometre long hiking trail starts at the Graf-Heinrich-bridge and runs upstream of the Holtemme towards Hasserode. * * * * * ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur * Time to stay … FOR FRESH AIR ENTHUSIASTS ON THE ROAD WITH THE BIKE BIKE HIRE BAD BIKES HARZBIKEHAUS RADWERK Hotel & Restaurant Schanzenhaus E-Bike Verleih EVENT-TIP MOUNTAINBIKE-EVENT ENDUROTHON in Schierke 27.08.2022 AVAILABLE AT THE TOURIST-INFO • Cycling maps with signposted routes • Maps with suggested routes and trails for touring bike / mountain bike Our online shop: