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Time to stay. ForCity Tourers, Family Bonds, Fresh Air Enthusiasts, Film Fans, Pleasure Seekers, Time Travelers, Event Lovers, Inquisitives, Adventurers, Sly Lynxes, Gourmets, Event lovers

©Michael Lumme Time to

©Michael Lumme Time to stay … FOR FRESH AIR ENTHUSIASTS New encounters: spiritual tourism We go on holiday to give our souls peace. To be alone with ourselves. More and more people are taking time out in monasteries, go on pilgrimage or book fasting holidays. Combining spirituality and travel is a "trend". In search of meaning, we embark on journeys. We set off on the way, want to leave the old behind us and encounter something new. It is precisely from these encounters we hope to get food for thought, to perhaps cast off old patterns or at least question them. Whoever goes on pilgrimage, no longer does it only for religious motives. Instead, the focus is on the desire for spiritual experiences. The aim is to travel holistically - physically and spiritually. With the "Roma- HARZ MONASTERY HIKING TRAIL 2 Goslar STAMP POSTS HARZ MONASTERY HIKING TRAIL 1) Neuwerkkirche 2) Kloster Grauhof 3) Kloster Wöltingerode 4) Kloster Ilsenburg 5) Kloster Drübeck 6) Klosterort Himmelpforte 1 3 Vienenburg Ilsenburg 4 18 5 Wernigerode 6 7 7) St. Johanniskirche 8) Kloster Michaelstein 9) Bergkirche St. Bartholomäus 10) Kloster Wendhusen 11) Stiftskirche St. Cyriakus 12) Klosterkirche St. Marien nesque Route", Luther's places of work and a diverse church and monastery landscape, Saxony-Anhalt and the Harz Mountains have a good prerequisite per se for a religious-spiritual offer that is increasing in demand. Guests want get to know religiously or historically significant places not only through the imparting of information, but also want to experience these tourist highlights as spaces of spirituality. The aim is to supplement classic cultural tourism through increased offers Along the way there are 15 so called “Engelsbänke” (Angels’ benches) 8 9 Blankenburg Thale 10 11 12 Quedlinburg ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur for pilgrimage tourism in the future. Already now events such as the "Harzer Klostersommer" (Harz Monastery Summer) or the "Spiritueller Herbst” (Spiritual Autumn) are dedicated to this current topic. For those who want to set off to oneself as “Pilgrimage starters” it is best to join a guided tour along the Via Romea or try out a stage along the Harz Monastery Trail, e.g. from Wernigerode to Blankenburg. Once seated on the spacious benches, you immediately feel a bit calmer, somehow grounded. The inviting rest areas are a distinctive feature of the Harz Monastery Trail and are located in selected places with recreational potential. In general, the 95 km long hiking trail is well equipped with numerous opportunities for inner contemplation and cultural enjoyment. Pilgrims and hikers can look forward to a variety of churches and monasteries with fragrant gardens, Gothic cloisters or charming church naves. Between the two World Heritage Sites of Goslar and Quedlinburg, the route also passes through Wernigerode. The entire route can be done in 6 stages of 10 to 20 kilometres each without major differences in altitude. You can walk alone or join a guided group with pilgrim guides: Everything is possible on your personal quest for recovery of your body, mind and soul. So off you go on the path to yourself ... "From pure collaboration in the Support Association of the Via Romea the pilgrimage route has become a matter close to my heart. It is a joy to help with the development of the spiritual offer." 19 Time to stay … FOR FRESH AIR ENTHUSIASTS ON THE WAY ON THE VIA ROMEA At the latest since Hape Kerkeling's book "Ich bin dann mal weg" ("I'll be off then") the "Jakobsweg" (Way of St. James) is known to almost everyone. Less known and less frequented, but just as appealing, is the Via Romea Germanica, a pilgrimage route from Stade near Hamburg to Rome. If you are on the way along the 2,200 km long route, there is no getting around the Harz Mountains – A one day's stage leads from Wernigerode to Elbingerode. It was Abbot Albert who left a detailed route description from his journey to Rome in 1236. Thanks to his records, it is possible for pilgrims today to follow in his footsteps. The historic route has since been designated a European Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. It leads through Italy, Austria and Germany. In order to network with each other the total of 28 German towns and villages, including Wernigerode, along the route, the "Romweg Abt Albert von Stade” Support Association was founded 2009 in Hornburg and Wernigerode. The association, of which the Wernigerode Tourismus GmbH is a founding member, has set itself the goal, among other things, to make the route touristically and culturally attractive. For example, information boards along the route should offer pilgrims the opportunity to experience the partly ancient cultural assets in a new historical context. JENS FRIEDRICH EMPLOYEE WERNIGERODE TOURISMUS GMBH, MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF THE SUPPORT ASSOCIATION "ROMWEG ABT ALBERT VON STADE" E. V. The delightful, varied tour through three countries has since attracted numerous seekers of meaning every year. The exact number is difficult to tell, because hikers usually do not have to register anywhere. However, we know from organised international pilgrimages, that many Norwegians, Danes or Swedes frequent the route. How far and how long you're walking is up to the individual. Some walk the entire route from Stade to Rome in one go, others do it in stages of 5-10 days every now and then and so it takes several years until they actually arrive in Rome. 55 day stages lead through Germany. If you walk from Osterwieck to Wernigerode (22 km) and from there go to Elbingerode (11 km), you can look forward to a diverse scenery with picturesque villages, moderate gradients, lonely forests and numerous places for spiritual encounters. Braunschweig STADE Schweinfurt Bozen 1.051 is the total amount of kilometres that lead through Germany Celle Wernigerode Hasselfelde Würzburg ROM "Pilgrimage means taking a deep breathe for the soul." THOMAS DAHMS PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION VIA ROMEA GERMANICA, CHAIRMAN OF THE ASSOCIATION "ROMWEG ABT ALBERT VON STADE" E. V. The pilgrim's staff serves as support and strength in both – practical and spiritual terms. ©Wernigerode-Tourismus GmbH

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