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Time to stay. ForCity Tourers, Family Bonds, Fresh Air Enthusiasts, Film Fans, Pleasure Seekers, Time Travelers, Event Lovers, Inquisitives, Adventurers, Sly Lynxes, Gourmets, Event lovers

Zeit zu bleiben 21 Time

Zeit zu bleiben 21 Time to stay … FOR FILM FANS AND THE AIR SMELLS FILM LOCATION WERNIGERODE (SELECTION) LIKE HOLLYWOOD "Volkslichtspiele" is the name of the cinema in Wernigerode and it is a small historical treasure. With a tradition of over 100 years, it is one of the oldest cinemas in the region. Watching a film here feels like in the old days and is very special. No wonder that Wernigerode exerts a special attraction on cinema fans and filmmakers … „Raus“, ostlicht filmproduktion GmbH „Frantz“, X Filme Creative Pool GmbH „Böse Wetter“ Radical Movies Production GmbH & Co. KG „Das kleine Gespenst“ Claussen+Wöbke+Putz The Monuments Men Columbia Pictures, Fox 200 Pictures, Smokehouse Pictures, Studio Babelsberg Die Schule der Magischen Tiere 2 Kordes & Kordes Film GmbH ©Wöbke, Claussen & Putz Filmproduktion Time to stay … FOR FILM FANS „The Little Ghost“ and his Castle Owl Stone, alias Wernigerode Castle With Helen Mirren's catchphrase "Sexy Anhalt", everything is actually said: the federal state is attractive - for the film industry as well. In recent years, numerous film productions have taken place in the Harz, including Goslar, Blankenburg, Thale and Halberstadt. Wernigerode is also regularly chosen as a location for film and television productions. Just last summer the team from "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (the german version of "American Idol") invited to the castings here. Between the performances of the candidates, the presenters enjoyed the colourful flair of the old town as well as one ore more regional specialities. Not far from the glass casting box on the market square it was less harmonious: a murder occurred. Not a real one, of course, but still a remarkable highlight in Wernigerode's film history. The crime series "Heiter bis tödlich – Alles Clara" filmed a murder scene right in the office of the manager of Wernigerode Tourismus GmbH, including forensics. Want more Hollywood? During the shooting of “The Monuments Men” George Clooney celebrated his 52 nd birthday in the old town together with his friends Matt Damon and Bill ©Wernigerode-Tourismus GmbH Rare guests: Matt Damon and George Clooney The glass casting box of ”DSDS 2022” on the Market Square ©Huong Trute Murray. Even though no shoot with the star has taken place here yet at least you can be served at the same table in the "Orchidea" restaurant as Clooney did back then. A little further back, but still kept in mind, especially for Russian tourists, are the scenes from "Baron Münchhausen". 1975 some scenes were shot at the castle for a Russian production of the cult film, which still has many fans in its home country. Loyal fans still travel to Wernigerode today, to visit the former film set. Also in GDR time Wernigerode Castle was a popular film location. It was chosen for the famous final scene of the DEFA production of "Snow White and Rose Red". „Heiter bis tödlich - Alles Klara“ ndF - neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH „The Sound above my hair“, Scooter „Alle Zeit der Welt“, Pinguin Film GmbH „Das Morphus-Geheimnis“ Pro Vobis - Gesellschaft für Film & Fernsehen „Das Geheimnis im Wald“ & „Plötzlich Millionär“ Cinecentrum Berlin Film- & Fernsehprodukt. GmbH „7 Zwerge - Der Wald ist nicht genug“ Zipfelmützenfilm GmbH & Co. KG „Geschichte Mitteldeutschlands – Otto von Bismark“, Ottonia Media GmbH „Polizeiruf 100: Böse Wetter“ Saxonia Media Filmproduktionsgeesllschaft GmbH „Polizeiruf 110: Lauf oder Stirb“ Saxonia Media Filmproduktionsgeslleschaft GmbH „Baron Münchhausen“, MOSFILM, 1979 „Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot“, DEFA, 1978 „Hans Röckle und der Teufel“, DEFA, 1974 „Der Teufel vom Mühlenberg“, DEFA, 1954 * * Volkslichtspiele Wernigerode EVENT TIP ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur VOLKSLICHTSPIELE The cinema in Wernigerode is over 100 years old. It is family-run with its 3 auditoria and invites you for fun times with the whole family. Open daily with current programme: 22. – 24.07. OPEN AIR SUMMER CINEMA Open air cinema in the Schierker Feuerstein Arena in Schierke