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Time to stay. ForCity Tourers, Family Bonds, Fresh Air Enthusiasts, Film Fans, Pleasure Seekers, Time Travelers, Event Lovers, Inquisitives, Adventurers, Sly Lynxes, Gourmets, Event lovers

Zeit zu bleiben 2 …

Zeit zu bleiben 2 … FÜR STADTGESCHICHTEN 3 Time to stay … FOR CITY TOURERS ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur SURROUNDED BY CONTEMPORARY WITNESSES: KNAGS, GRIMACES AND DRAGON HEADS Time to stay Anyone strolling through the streets of Wernigerode for the first time quickly realises: "It's beautiful here!" Lovingly restored halftimbered buildings with features ranging from late Gothic to Art Nouveau are packed tightly together in the old town. What we call romantic flair today, was once, excitingly enough, an expression of a lack of financial means: Buildings were only constructed in the half-timbered style if stone was not available in sufficient quantities or was too expensive. And yet our heart can’t be talked out of the charm of the half-timbered houses and anyone who looks at the facades alert-eyed, will recognise the dedication and craftsmanship of the builders. of the figures display handcrafts, but when it comes to the interpretation of some others, even experts are still arguing. From the couple in intimate embrace to the musicians to saints, it is all there. The situation is similar with the masks located above them. What do you think? Do we see mocking images of the former councillors or symbols of defense against evil here? Until all this is clarified with certainty, it might be best to be pleased with the much quoted slogan on the entrance to the town hall: "One respects it / the other regards it / the third laughs at it / what does it matter." ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur … FOR CITY TOURERS Guided City Tour – Oberpfarrkirchhof Similarly exciting details also adorn the Wernigerode Town Hall itself. Its front as a whole with its distinctive oriel towers is already beautiful to look at. But the former "Spelhus" really comes alive at a second glance: Only then do you discover the water-spouting dragon heads, the carved masks or the meaningful Knag figurines. There are 54 of the latter on the facade. Some ©Norbert Perner Water-spouting dragon heads

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