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Time to stay. ForCity Tourers, Family Bonds, Fresh Air Enthusiasts, Film Fans, Pleasure Seekers, Time Travelers, Event Lovers, Inquisitives, Adventurers, Sly Lynxes, Gourmets, Event lovers

Zeit zu bleiben 12 …

Zeit zu bleiben 12 … FÜR KULINARIK VISIONÄRE 13 Time to stay … FOR ADVENTURERS TWO PIONEERS IN TERMS OF THRILL ©Harzdrenalin GmbH / Blende2 Also privately, Maik Berke is addicted to everything in the higher pulse range: Whether parachute, bungee or pendulum jump – he has tried nearly everything und gladly uses these private adrenalin kicks for his own projects. With “Harzdrenalin” at the Rappbode Dam he and his brother have added an attraction to the Harz, which is unparalleled. MAIK BERKE MANAGING DIRECTOR OF HARZDRENALIN Was the vision with the longest suspension bridge an inspiration at the after work beers according to the motto “One would have to …”? And where should one go with such an idea? I brought the idea with the Mega Zip line from New Zealand. There it is nearly standard. The bridge was a “result” after that. At the time we went to the district administrator of the Harz District. There we got the organizational and bureaucratic basic points, contact persons, etc. Looking back I would say that many found the project great, but at the beginning no one has really believed in the realization. What were the biggest challenges during the construction time of the bridge? I think that a lot of it was pioneer work. Before, no one had ever done such a thing: How is the underground in the water? How deep must it be anchored in the slate rock and who is skilled to do that? Surely you would find a few people in the world who would want to do that, but are they skilled enough? In the end, we had many specialists at our side, among others from the fields of geo mechanics, geology, steel construction, statics, concrete construction, rope, rope statics, wind power, etc. Was there a moment when you doubted the completion? There were actually some about the Zip Line. When no one else has done it so far, you have to consider many things. Doesn’t it sound crazy when you say that you want to erect a building which is next to a drinking water protection area and a listed dam and in addition leads over a dam area and different acreage? Where do you start? For the construction of the Mega Zip Line everything was pioneer work, which we then could use for the construction of the bridge. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working together with your own brother? For me personally there are only advantages. There is only one person with whom I would do it again and that’s my brother. In a very confined space you offer the most different attractions. Do you also hear critical voices sometimes? Is there a contrast between the thirst of people for adventures and the original nature experience of the Harz? Of course I see it critical at some places but the Rappbode valley has been in “human hands” for decades. Everything is created artificially: the valley as well as the reservoir, the concrete dam or the roads. With our “Harzdrenalin” we have not destroyed something original, but have integrated it well in the existing. Apart from that, we have to carry out double compensation and recultivation measures for everything we build there. What vision do you have for the Harz as a tourist region? I would wish further new ideas and not that the same attraction is simply copied in another location. Nobody needs a copy of the copy. GIGASWING All brave can look forward to free fall of 75 m. Under the longest suspension bridge of its kind you can fill up adrenalin and have a breathtaking view. ULTRASHOT As a human catapult you will be hurled 38 m in the air-unique worldwide, an once-in-a-lifetime event with a guaranteed increased heart rate. SOLITAIR The new viewing tower can be climbed over 160 steps or barrier free with the panorama glass lift: 39 m above the area with a premium view. WALLRUNNING Running down a little hill? No problem! But run down a vertical wall? In wall running that’s exactly the goal. So put your safety belt on, lean over the edge and breathe! MEGAZIPLINE Hover with the largest double zip line 120 m above the chasm and with up to 85 kph above the dam-this unique experience is possible here. TITAN-RT With a length of 458,5 m, the suspension bridge with its filigree rope construction is the longest of its kind in the world. So get on the catwalk and enjoy! Contact: ©Harzdrenalin GmbH / Blende2 Unique and unforgettable: Fly across the Rappbode Dam by the Mega Zip Line