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Time to stay 4 5 Time to stay … FOR CITY TOURERS … FOR CITY TOURERS 1229 Wernigerode received the town charter and the town had a fortification. 12 Metres are the measures of the ceiling of the banqueting hall in the Wernigerode town hall and it is not supported by pillars. A bold roof construction makes it possible. ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur 10 ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur is the house number in the Klint where the Harz Museum is located. Here you will find a permanent exhibition about the half-timbered constructions in Wernigerode. 1498 the Town Hall was built, originally as a playhouse for festivities and celebrations. 5.400 of a total of 8.300 buildings in the Wernigerode city area (incl. Hasserode and Nöschenrode) are half-timbered houses. 1673 the Leaning House in Wernigerode was built. An analysis carried out as part of the restoration proved that it was already built on a sloping, massive substructure and has thus already incorporated part of its "lopsidedness" into the cradle. ca. 17 hours is the time it took to destroy 300 of the then 560 buildings in the great fire in 1751. ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur ON THE TRAIL OF WITCHES AND DEVILS Even though we may not be experts in mythology and legends ourselves, the Brocken Witch is very well known to us. But why do the Brocken and the Harz Mountains in general exert such an attraction for devil stories and scary scenarios? On special guided tours about this subject, all fans of witches will get an answer to this question. Meanwhile, 7 volumes of the mystery series "In the Shadow of the Witches" have been written and are being read by an enthusiastic readership far beyond the Harz region. Whether on special walking tours, readings or as a theatre play – fans are fascinated by the author's stories. On her day tours with the 70-year-old Swiss postal bus, she takes over the tour guide herself, in order to authentically convey the topic of "Witches in the Harz." The tourists are again and again impressed by how complex the theme is. Not only the mystical Brocken plays an important role, but the thread spins from the Harz to other countries and cultures. It fascinates people because they get to know the Harz from a completely different perspective and they suddenly have an idea of how it might have been thousands of years ago. * FOR ALL MYSTERY FANS KATHRIN R. HOTOWETZ Tipp: The novels of the successful author Kathrin Hotowetz are also available in the Tourist-Info. First and at the same time detailed explanations about the phenomenon of witches in the Harz can be best obtained on a thematic guided tour of the town. Here guests can learn about Harz customs and the widespread fear of witches. Packed in memorable stories, the costumed guided tour explains exciting facts about the persecution of witches throughout Europe. In addition to interesting facts the audience can look forward to a good dose of horror and mischief. Do we still encounter witches and devils even in everyday life without us noticing it? With a little imagination the cliffs of the Harz Mountains, for example, become mythical creatures, and many a water sprite seems to rise from the wild rivers. Wonderful Harz Mountains – there is so much to discover! Wernigerode also scores on many other thematic guided city tours with its charm and the unusual. The colourful and exciting history of half-timbered houses elicits many an astonishment from the audience. On the guided tour "1.000 steps around the Town Hall", for example, you will learn all kinds of architectural peculiarities. On the other hand, who wants to explore enchanted alleyways and oases of tranquility away from the bustling market place, would be best advised to join the "Secret Places" guided tour. For all those, who want to take a short trip back to the times of the dark alleys in the Middle Ages, we recommend the "Night Watchman's Tour". So you see it pays off to go on a search for clues with our experts to get to know Wernigerode even better. ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur GUIDED TOUR TIPS * * * * Bronze sculpture in Marktstrasse 1.000 STEPS AROUND THE TOWN HALL - DAILY PUBLIC GUIDED TOUR WITHOUT RESERVATION THROUGH 6 CENTURIES - DISCOVER THE OLD TOWN WITCHES AND DEVILS IN THE HARZ NIGHT WATCHMAN'S TOUR GUIDED TOUR OF THE TOWN HALL * CULINARY TOUR ©Norbert Perner 54 different Knag figurines decorate the facade of the Town Hall. ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur Guided Tour in Oberpfarrkirchhof ADVICE & BOOKING AT THE TOURIST INFORMATION • accommodation service • group offers • holiday packages • insider tips • guided city tours • tour guides • day programmes Also online: