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Time to stay. ForCity Tourers, Family Bonds, Fresh Air Enthusiasts, Film Fans, Pleasure Seekers, Time Travelers, Event Lovers, Inquisitives, Adventurers, Sly Lynxes, Gourmets, Event lovers

Time to stay … FOR

Time to stay … FOR CITY TOURERS 6 7 Time to stay … FOR CITY TOURERS For a museum stroll through the city centre How about a bit of sightseeing during your leisurely stroll through the city? That is no problem at all. Numerous museums are practically "on the way" and can be visited "by the way" without much effort or travel time. Pisa has its Leaning Tower, and Wernigerode its Leaning House, which is, with an inclination of seven degrees, twice as inclined as the famous Italian landmark. The building, once a fulling mill, is now a museum and gallery with numerous exhibitions about photography and the history of the city. The next superlative awaits not far away: Wernigerode's Smallest House. With a door height of only 1.70 m, most visitors will have to duck their heads when entering, and even on the inside you shouldn't expect no loft like generosity. But the house and its 10 inhabitants at that time, have a few stories to tell, which can be experienced on-site. The Harz Museum is also located in the city centre. There you will find exciting information about the town's history. In addition to exhibits on half-timbered houses, crafts, minerals, rocks and mining, there are numerous samples of plants and animals in the Harz Mountains. Art lovers will also find special exhibitions by Harz artists. In the Krellsche Schmiede anno 1678 it gets artistic. Here the traditional art of blacksmithing can not only be experienced, but also tried out for yourself in a course. Even more ideas for a day full of new knowledge can be found at: The Smallest House in Kochstraße ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur AVIATION MUSEUM The conversion has succeeded in creating * a combination of history and the present, HARZMUSEUM of historical flair and acoustic comfort. Perhaps this is also the formula for success of Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra the concert hall: Openness to the new while Wernigerode CONTACT: SMALLEST HOUSE LEANING HOUSE * PLACE OF REMEMBRANCE * **** THE ART OF GÜNTER GROHS GLASSPAINTER The Liebfrauen concert hall with choir gallery and Sauer organ from 1883. FROM A VISION TO REALITY 18 to 18 was the result of the vote at the city council meeting of May 3rd 2018 on the project to convert the Liebfrauen Church into Krellsche Schmiede anno 1678 a concert hall. This is also where the story of the new home for the Philharmonic Orchestra would usually end, as such a result means: rejected. Four years later it is nevertheless opened, and is a musical, cultural and touristic enrichment for Wernigerode and the whole of Central Germany. "The fact that the new concert hall is not like Amistat, musically reminiscent of a modern called the Harz Philharmonic is solely due to version of the cult folk duo Simon and our modesty," said Rainer Schulze, chairman Garfunkel, an a-capella festival or an organ of the arts and culture association and site concert with film music around the legendary manager, in his speech at the opening of the agent 007. Liebfrauen with a twinkle in his eye. The comparison A closer look at the half-timber art in the Harz with its big relative on the Elbe river At the opening of the concert hall in March Museum might be a little bold, but the former church the renowned pianist Ragna Schirmer played is on a par with the “really big ones” as far Bach's Piano Concerto in F Minor together as acoustics is concerned. The Wernigerode with the Wernigerode Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. Further musical highlights of MUSEUM TIPS concert hall must not shy away from comparisons with the Leipzig Gewandhaus. all genres are likely to follow ... FIRE BRIGADE MUSEUM MUSEUM OF DESIGN IN THE GDR MUSEUM YARD ERNST KOCH DISTRICT OF SILSTEDT SCHOOL MUSEUM DISTRICT OF BENZINGERODE KRELLSCHE SCHMIEDE ©Harzmuseum ©Krellsche Schmiede ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur conductor and managing director of the Philharmonic Orchestra sees an opportunity for the former church to become a stage for numerous musical genres: From solo performances, cross-over projects to chamber music, recitals or singer-songwriter concerts. A glance at the current programme reveals – a start has definitely been made. With artists AVAILABLE AT THE TOURIST-INFO • Tickets for events in the concert hall • Catalogues for the programme 22/23 CONSISTENCY Among the most popular professions for children are firemen or veterinarians. Günter Grohs, on the other hand, always wanted to be a glass designer. He knew since he visited the Halberstadt cathedral. Many decades and awards later, his works and his creativity can be admired in over 150 locations and projects through-out Germany, including in the foyer of the Liebfrauen Concert Hall. To do this window front, reminding us of music sheets, Günter Grohs, as with all his works of art, has proceeded like this – classically with pencil, paper and brush. What the result really looks like in the end is always an exciting affair, even for the native of Wernigerode. The graduate of the Artistic design course at Burg Giebichenstein actually starts from scratch with all his draft: For example, some ideas are out of the question from the start because of the destination point. The process is sometimes driven by coincidences or supposed mistakes, which in retrospect turn out to be positive. Grohs finds inspiration everywhere: from cracked pavement slabs to patchedup streets. He can turn anything into glass art. The process from design to final installation can take a year - but in return the glass lasts. Its half-life averages 400 to one million years … Works by the glass artist (selection): • Round window in the Naumburg cathedral treasure vault • Glass front in the foyer of the concert hall Liebfrauen in Wernigerode • Transept window in Halberstadt Cathedral CONTACT: Günter Grohs

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