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Information about the Brocken Mountain (english)

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Information about the Brocken Mountain

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22 I the Brocken The Brocken I 23 Your route to the Brocken Walkers can reach the Brocken on three main routes. They differ in the length, but also in the ascent to be overcome. You should make sure you are in good physical condition and you have sturdy footwear as well as weatherproof clothing; the summit is a few degrees colder than at the starting point of your hike and the weather can suddenly change. Distances are indicated in kilometres in each direction on the paths. The shortest route: From Schierke via Eckerloch to Brocken About 5 km / approx 500 metres of ascent Even though the route via Eckerloch is the shortest route to the Brocken, it still requires that walkers are in good physical condition and have especially good shoes, because the road is sometimes steep, rocky and covered with roots. Information about alternative routes from Schierke to Brocken is available at the starting point of the walk, Schierke National Park House. Starting point, further information, walk leaflet: Schierke National Park House on Brocken Street, Tel. 03 94 55 /4 77 The least ascent: From Torfhaus to Brocken on the Goetheweg About 9 km / about 360 metres of ascent Even Johann Wolfgang Goethe started his first ascent of Brocken in Torfhaus in December 1777. Which route he then embarked on through the rough terrain and deep snow, we cannot say exactly. Today, the path leads past the Great Torfhausmoor along Abbegrabens, crosses the „Green Belt“ at Eckersprung, then follows a newly built section of the Brocken Railway. The final climb to the summit is via Brocken Street. Starting point, further information, walk leaflet: TorfHaus National Park Visitor Centre at the large car park in Torfhaus, Tel. 0 53 20/33 17 90, Only for well trained hikers: From Ilsenburg to the Brocken on the Heinrich Heine Way About 10 km / about 860 metres of ascent Heinrich Heine wandered down this route in 1824 from the Brocken; he climbed from Bad Harzburg and spent the night on the Brocken. Today, you also first of all follow the romantic valley of the Ilse from Ilsenburg. Passing the Bremer Hut and Stempelsbuche you finally get to the Hirtenstieg. On this the steepest part of the path the gradient is sometimes up to 20%, following the old paved path of the GDR Border Troops to reach the summit of Brocken. Starting point, further information: Ilsetal National Park House near the large car park at the bottom of Ilsetal, Tel. 03 94 52 / 8 94 94