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Information about the Brocken Mountain (english)

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Information about the Brocken Mountain

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24 I the The Brocken The Brocken I 25 Welcome to Brockenhaus Awaiting you are three exciting floors of exhibition space and the climb into our dome right up to the roof terrace! Start your journey through the diversity of the mountain with the virtual flight as a witch and let us take you into the world of myths and legends. Experience the exciting stories of famous Brocken visitors who have written about Brocken history for over two hundred years. Join Hermann Löns with his ride on his Harz narrow gauge railway. Marvel at the tourist infrastructure on the Brocken which was already well-developed in the early twentieth century. Explore the development of the restricted military area around the Brocken and the construction of Brocken fortress at the height of the Cold War. The fascinating insights into the large and small wonders of the Harz National Park have their own dedicated floor in the House. Here you can learn all about the history, flora and fauna and the many special features of the Harz National Park. Germany‘s only trans-state National Park has a lot of exciting stories about his fascinating habitats for you. Flowing waters, mountain spruce forests and boulder piles present their residents and their living habits. The newest section of the exhibition in Brockenhaus is dedicated to the signs of climate change in the Harz. Here you can understand – sometimes even touch – what climate change means for the Harz forest in the course of the Earth‘s history. And what would the Brocken be without its climatic characteristics and the typical Brocken weather conditions? Everything about the weather extremes of the mountain – the wind, the fog and the snow, as well as its weather records – can be found on our third floor. German radio and television history was made on the Brocken. In Brockenhaus you can learn interesting facts from the early days of motion pictures and can have a look at one of the oldest TV towers in Germany. Before being served in our cosy Hexenflug cafeteria, do not miss the spiral staircase to get into our dome. Here you can see the imposing antennas and parabolic mirrors which the GDR Ministry of State Security used for bugging Western radio traffic at the height of the Cold War. Radiotelephones of leading politicians were the focus of the monitoring service on the Brocken, and with the latest technology they were in a position to even intercept calls from across the English Channel. Opening hours: Daily 9.30 – 17.00 Entrance fees (as of January 2016): Adults € 5.00 (discounts for children, seniors, groups and families) Do you have a HarzCard? Then you have free entry to Brockenhaus. Tel. 039455 50005