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Time to stay. ForCity Tourers, Family Bonds, Fresh Air Enthusiasts, Film Fans, Pleasure Seekers, Time Travelers, Event Lovers, Inquisitives, Adventurers, Sly Lynxes, Gourmets, Event lovers

Time to stay … FOR

Time to stay … FOR FAMILY BONDS 12 13 Zeit, zu bleiben … FÜR FAMILIENBANDEN Huge fun in miniature size A VISIT TO THE "LITTLE HARZ" ©Bürger- und Miniaturenpark ©Bürger- und Miniaturenpark Castle ensemble in the miniature park How is it possible to travel from the imperial palace in Goslar past the Quedlinburg Collegiate Church to Wernigerode Castle in just a few minutes? Quite simple – during a visit to the Citizens' and Miniature Park "Little Harz". Here visitors can see more than 60 of the most important sights of the Harz region in miniature format 1:25. The park, which is similar to a doll's house, is framed by a lovingly designed landscape scenery with bonsai trees, mountains, rocks and streams. You feel a bit like a clumsy giant trying to pass unobtrusively through a dreamy dwarf town. This love of detail elicits astonishment and accompanies visitors at every turn. Where else do you have the opportunity to get a bird's eye view of Wernigerode's market square. The picturesque scenery is accompanied by the Harz Narrow-Gauge Railways, which make their way up snorting to the "Mini-Brocken". Right next door, the Citizens´ Park is tempting with its blossoming themed gardens, play-grounds, picnic areas and the animal enclosure, to let your soul dangle after this round tour through the Harz Mountains. You can do this, for example on the numerous swinging loungers scattered around the grounds. If your children are looking for more action, they will love the water and mud playground, the climbing rock or the mini-golf course. In the 15-hectare landscape park there is definitely no room for boredom. CONTACT: Citizens´ and miniature park Wernigerode FUN DISCOVER NATURE Water playground in the Citizens´ park Halberstadt Cathedral in miniature format Wooden figures in the Citizens Park If you can't make it to all the sights in the Harz Mountains, this is the right place to go! WITH US AT THE TOURIST-INFO • Season tickets for the Citizens' and Miniatures Park • Flyer with location & event plan Tourist-Information, Marktplatz 10 ©Bürger- und Miniaturenpark ©Bürger- und Miniaturenpark CAUTION GLASS! TOUCHING ALLOWED IN THE GLASS MANUFAC- TORY HARZKRISTALL DERENBURG The children, who were just romping around the playground watch the work of the glassblower with astonished silence. A new vase is being made right in front of them. Under the eyes of the visitors the glowing hot ball is rotated by the glass artists, worked on and blown with their mouths until the object has taken on the desired shape. This ancient technique of glassmaking fascinates and makes a visit to one of the last active glassworks in Germany become an experience. If you want to, you can even blow a Christmas tree ball or make a drinking glass. Various workshops invite everyone to try out the art of traditional handicraft. How this then looks professionally in the end, can be seen in the ©Harzkristall 2,500 m² shopping world, which invites you to purchase: From vases to bowls to decorative objects, souvenirs or lucky charms – there are plenty of souvenirs to take home. Apropos souvenirs: the little guests will certainly not forget the adventure playground in the outdoor area, as it is one of the most beautiful in the Harz region. With swing bridges, ropes, towers and a giant trampoline time seems to fly here. The lovingly landscaped outdoor area with various seating and a stream invites you to linger. In fine weather, the café's sunny terrace is a popular place to enjoy a coffee and cake after a shopping spree. Factory tours give an insight into the art of glassmaking. Directly in front of the glass factory: a paradise for children CONTACT: Glass manufactory Harzkristall Derenburg * TRAVEL TIPS HOLTEMME CYCLE PATH Who is on his way cycling in fine weather can cycle comfortably from Wernigerode along the Holtemme cycle path to the glass manufactory. The 8 km long route does not have any inclines and is particularly attractive due to the charming river landscape. ©Harzkristall ©Harzkristall

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