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Time to stay. ForCity Tourers, Family Bonds, Fresh Air Enthusiasts, Film Fans, Pleasure Seekers, Time Travelers, Event Lovers, Inquisitives, Adventurers, Sly Lynxes, Gourmets, Event lovers

Zeit zu bleiben … FÜR

Zeit zu bleiben … FÜR KULINARIK 24 25 Time to stay … FOR PLEASURE SEEKERS GINGERBREAD 2.0 Handmade Passion "Forget everything you've ever thought about gingerbread," says the Facebook page of the Wernigerode Lenchen. What do people actually think about gingerbread? Actually, the chocolate-covered Christmas biscuits bring back memories of childhood, the scent of pine needles and biscuit tins. But after about four weeks that's usually over again. Perhaps this is precisely the reason why Wernigerode Lenchen are available all year round: To carry this wonderful time in one's heart for 365 days. Or at least in the belly. The Lenchen are made according to a 130-year-old family recipe from Wernigerode and come with a modern look. Not round and the size of a palm, but bite-sized like a praline: Each bite is juicy, fluffy and, of course, handmade. Annette Rieger from Wernigerode came up with the idea together with her cousin Alexandra Vazquez Bea. For more than six generations now this one special gingerbread recipe has been loved and praised – first by friends and relatives, later even by hotels and companies. Everyone wanted to have it and enjoy it all year round. Now, of course, you can buy the fluffy confectionary online, in selected shops all over Germany or you can directly visit the sweet shop in the centre of Wernigerode. As a souvenir or to nibble on oneself – (gingerbread) hearts will beat faster there ... CAFÉ AM MARKT Time to stay Sweet temptations - resistance futile Who is awarded “Best Café in Saxony-Anhalt” three times by the gourmet journal "Der Feinschmecker" must have a lot to offer. And that is exactly what the owners of the family business have, which has been in existence since 1636. From Sachertorte and champagne tree cake, French apple tart to Harz flake cream cake, there is everything here to make cake lovers rave about. The cake showcase measures 11 metres. With a bit of luck, you are served by the owner and master of the confectioners' guild, Michael Wiecker, himself - when he is not in the process of inventing a new cake creation. … FOR PLEASURE SEEKERS His ancestors already ran a bakery not far from today's café, where emissaries of the lord of the castle used to drop by to pick up freshly baked goods. Michael Wiecker himself did not actually want to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors. He saw how hard his parents worked and how exhausting this work was, so it was his father who gave him the idea for the café and finally convinced him to continue the family tradition. You can taste the fact that tradition and craftsmanship are very important here – everything here is homemade! All the delicacies can be enjoyed in the cosy interior or, in fine weather, on the sunny seats directly on the market sqare. CONTACT: Café am Markt ©M. Wiecker CONTACT: LENCHEN – Der Lebkuchen EVENT-TIP chocolART – The Chocolate Festival * 27.10. – 31.10.2022 Chocolate makers from all over Europe seduce with their delicacies ANNO 1910 WINE BAR History, vine and very much soul Anno 1910, after many journeys around the world the owners of the wine bar in Wernigerode have found a new harbour for themselves. The charming boutique hotel with wine bar combines modernity and warmth. But what is even more important is its ability to tell stories. There is a story behind almost every detail. Every picture or every wine on offer is a personal experience, a journey, a discovery, a feeling. The wines are given a life here and whoever is interested is told. ©Annie Treats GmbH Exceptional Lebkuchen variations by Wernigerode Lenchen ©Polyluchs Kreativagentur For those who simply want to enjoy and be pampered, this is also the right place. A nice location to switch off with an extremely inviting and stylish ambience. CONTACT: Anno 1910 ©Anno19101

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