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Time to stay. ForCity Tourers, Family Bonds, Fresh Air Enthusiasts, Film Fans, Pleasure Seekers, Time Travelers, Event Lovers, Inquisitives, Adventurers, Sly Lynxes, Gourmets, Event lovers

On to Wernigerode Thomas

On to Wernigerode Thomas Dahms Alexander Pavlenko It will surely be great in Wernigerode. You will see. SCHIERKE WERNIGERODE 3 DAYS HARZ EXPERIENCE: “SCRIPT” FOR YOUR HOLIDAY Just arrived? So what’s the best way to start to get into holiday mood? We have put together a few tips for a 3-day-short-trip, to get to know the most beautiful sides of Wernigerode and the Harz. We could go up to the Brocken with the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways. Or we discover the National Park starting in Schierke! Hiking? Umpf! Day 1 Day 3 A FABULOUS CASTLE VISIT In Berlin you visit the TV Tower and in Paris the Eiffel Tower to get a first overview of the city. With us in Wernigerode the castle offers such a premium view and furthermore it is a really gorgeous place to get into a holiday mood. You can sportily go to the top on foot, romantically on a horse carriage and comfortably with the Castle Train. During a guided castle tour you will be initiated into the secrets of the old walls, or you start a little hike from here to the Christianental … Day 2 HIGH UP WITH THE NARROW GAUGE RAILWAYS A drive with the traditional steam locomotive is nearly a must during a visit to the Harz. The well-natured giants wind up puffing up to the Brocken. During the drive all travelers get a specific insight into the Harz nature, because there is enough time to watch, discover animals and find photo motives. On arrival at the top you feel like having entered a new climate zone. Nonetheless, the scraggy, treeless summit has its charm and is a worthwhile destination. Downhill it’s easier-so why not stroll back to valley on one of numerous sign posted hiking ways … GUIDED CITY AND SHOPPING TOUR For the third day we recommend the the town centre of Wernigerode. Here you can combine culture and shopping perfectly in the smallest space. You best start with a city tour. This way you don‘t only get to know something about the history of the half-timbered town, but also remember one or the other corner at which you would like to linger afterwards. Numerous little, family-owned shops are along the Breite Straße. But also in the surrounding small alleyways there are numerous little shops as well as cafes with regional products and take care for a relaxed holiday feeling. We could also visit the Wildlife Park Christianental. Are there also shops? Yeah! Let’s go shopping and visit a cafe near the Townhall. Fantastic! I have already googled e few great shops. Or we visit the Miniature Park in the Citizens Park and can be quite large altogether. And then a city tour, alright? INDIVIDUAL ADVICE FOR HOLIDAYS ON LOCATION: Good idea: we start with a stroll through the town! WERNIGERODE Tourist-Information Marktplatz 10 Phone +49 (0) 39 43 - 55 378 35 SCHIERKE Tourist-Information Brockenstraße 10 Phone +49 (0) 3 94 55 - 86 80 #zeitzubleiben LEGAL ADVICE Publisher: Wernigerode Tourismus GmbH Design: design office GmbH Status: Juni 2022 Subject to changes and errors

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