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Nature experience paths (english)

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Nature experience paths

Nature experience paths

Dandelion Discovery Path The Dandelion Discovery Path in Drei Annen Hohne is ideally suited for a family outing. Near the Brocken Railway train station it winds through the National Park with eight interpretation stations for investigation and research. We built it together with the German TV channel ZDF: for children who want to know much more; for adults who do not know enough; for families who go on voyages of discovery not only by watching television. In one to two hours you can discover a lot at the various stations. What mysterious tracks lead through the woods here? What can be heard with the ears of an owl? What am I going to dream about on the dreamer’s bench under the old oak? Shall we play forest memory? Can I jump as high as a flea can? After visiting the water station, finish off with a visit to the HohneHof Nature Adventure Centre. Here groups or school classes can also arrange dates for guided walks on the path. Nature Myths Path Myths are one of the mankind’s oldest cultural assets. They provide an insight into thoughts and feelings and express how the environment was explained. The Nature Myths Path in Braunlage, with its ten interactive stations, invites adults and children to follow the mythical traces of the relationship between man and nature. Who‘s afraid of the big bad wolf? Or is it man who is scary? Are man and wolf perhaps connected much more than we realize? What symbolic power emanates from a tree? And why enchant us with beauty and the singing of birds? Listen to the singing of water nymphs. Make a wish come true at the wishing tree. And find yourself in the maze. For those who want to know more, each station has a designated book – the „Forest Library“. The 4-kilometre-long circular trail is very accessible. From November to Easter, the stations are dismantled. During this time, the information panels and their equipment are renovated in the National Park workshop. Explore and Discover - on your own Nature Experience Paths About three hours of walking leads through varied landscapes and vegetation. You can reach the path from the National Park meeting point at Braunlage youth hostel after about 600 metres (car parks in Braunlage at the weather station and the sports field in Von-Langen- Straße). Group tours of the path can be arranged at Sankt Andreasberg National Park House. During the winter months, the stations are dismantled.

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