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Nature experience paths (english)

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Nature experience paths

Harz Nationalpark Park

Harz Nationalpark Park Town Stadt Waters Gewässer Main Bundesstraße road Road Harz Straße Train Nationalpark Bahn Stadt Nationalparkhaus Park House Gewässer Rangerstation Station Bundesstraße Nationalpark-Bildungszentrum Park Education Centre Straße Nationalpark-Jugendwaldheim Park-Youth hostel Bahn Nationalpark-Informationsstellen Park Centre Waldgaststätte Nationalparkhaus Rangerstation Barrierefreier Pfad Lynx Nationalpark-Bildungszentrum Luchsgehege enclosure Capercaillie Nationalpark-Jugendwaldheim Auerhuhngehege enclosure Wildlife Nationalpark-Informationsstellen Wildtierbeobachtungsstation Watching Station Waldgaststätte Brockengarten Garden Barrierefreier Pfad Do you want to experience, try or understand something in your explorations in Harz National Park? Then a visit to our eight nature trails is the right thing for you. Your walks, which are partly on narrow paths or boardwalks, combine enjoyment of nature with information and fun. Various topics are graphically presented for different age groups. Has a visit to one of the paths whetted your appetite for more? Then visit one of our national park visitor centres or houses. Here your questions will be answered and you can learn more in our exciting exhibitions. For more information and addresses of the National Park houses mentioned, please contact Harz National Park Lindenallee 35, 38855 Wernigerode Tel. 00 49 / 39 43 / 55 02 - 0 Bark Borkenkäferpfad Beetle Path Dandelion Löwenzahn-Entdeckerpfad Discovery Path Nature Naturmythenpfad Myths Path Spirit Seelenpfad Path Primeval Urwaldstieg Forest Path on Brocken WaldWandelWeg The Das White Weiße Roe RehDeer Wilderness WildnispfadPath Luchsgehege Auerhuhngehege Wildtierbeobachtungsstation Brockengarten Imprint Harz National Park, Lindenallee 35, 38855 Wernigerode Tel. 0049 / 39 43 / 55 02 - 0, Fax 0 39 43 / 55 02 - 37, Translation: Mark Sixsmith, Environmental English Photos: HTV – M. Gloger, K. John, S. Kankowski, D. Kirchner, K. Nickschick, I. Nörenberg, K. Schünke, W. Wimmer Map: cognitio - Kommunikation und Planung, Verlag, Niedenstein 2015